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We have received € 30 in donations. Our goal is to raise € 60 (our monthly costs).

Hello everyone, Unfortunately, I need to talk about the costs of this project. Please dont get me wrong. I love to host and administrate SWGNebula anyway and I will do so in the future. You dont have to pay anything here if you dont feel so and I will never implement some kind of "pay to win"! But the monthly costs of our server just raised due to hardware upgrades and a stable 1 GBit/s connection and will rise in the future, if we are getting more players online. Thats why I put this Donation feature onto our forum in and it would be awesome if you support me at this point. I will not give away any gifts, ingame items, special ranks or something like that for donators. The only reason for donating should be supporting me and this project with the monthly costs, nothing else. I hope you understand my opinion at this. At this point, I would like to shout out a big THANKS to everyone who is playing here and supporting what Im doing. It feels so good to have people standing behind me and my work im putting into this. Its a pleasure to host this server. Best regards, Vorgge