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11.07.2017 - 13:47

Hello and Welcome to SWGNebula.

Im proud to announce the official launch of SWGNebula.com today.
The configuration and development of this board and the game server is mostly done and you can already register yourself, to get connected and become one of the first members of SWGNebula.

With your forum account registered, you can already login in-game and join our server!

Whats the idea and the goal about SWGNebula?

The main idea is providing a european-hosted Star Wars Galaxies funserver, with a little faster gameplay and some unique stuff.
Times changed and many of us dont have the free-time to invest ages into a computer game. Thats why we changed some attributes of Star Wars Galaxies, to make it more "casual friendly".
STOP! No worries! We are not talking about the NGE. :lol:

Most changes are about leveling speed, combat tweaks and crafting, makes it easier and a bit faster to achieve your goals.
You can find a complete list of changes inside of our board FAQ section very soon. Please be patient.

How can I start playing on SWGNebula?

Simply, just signup at this forum to create your account, get your legal copy of Star Wars Galaxies working (Yes, it is necessary to have a legal copy of the original Star Wars Galaxies Game) and follow the manual at our „How To Play“-Thread.
You can check the latest updates within the „News & Announcements“-Board.

Thanks to everyone who will support this project, helping bringing the game back that we all loved so much and may the force be with you… Always!

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