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12.07.2017 - 14:06

  • Server runs in Germany, providing nice connection-speed to all European Players!
  • You can create 5 characters and login with 3 characters at the same time.
  • If you feel so, you could create a 2nd account (max 2 allowed). But please use your "main account" only for any forum activities.
  • Running on latest SWGEmu Core3 releases.
  • Global experience modified to 8x.
  • Group experience modified to 9.5x.
  • Datapad can hold 5x Creature Pets, 5x Faction Pets, 5x Droids, 5x Vehicles.
  • There are blue frogs around the cities, giving away some stuff (Just for starting time. Will be removed, if we have the first Docs, Medics and Entertainers.).
  • Customized the Veteran Reward System (Same as vanilla SWG, just recieving a reward every 30 days).
  • Every player starts with 50.000 credits.
  • Reduced skill trainer costs to 25%.
  • Brand new planet available: Taanab - With new badges, quests, dungeons and more to explore.

  • Jedi enabled (Standard - Village).
  • Increased Jedi XP rate.
  • Force Ranking System activated.
  • Jedi Knight Trials are available.
  • Increased force ranking xp rate.
  • Enabled force ranking xp gained for non-jedi kills.
  • Increased Jedi Saber Damage and decreased Force Cost for Saber Attacks only.
  • One village phase last 1 week, instead of 3 weeks.
  • Implemented named saber crystals (dropping from high lvl mobs).

  • Starport Shuttles are away for only 30 seconds, while Shuttleport Shuttles are away for 1 minute.
  • Decreased the amount of time to call a vehicle / pet to 3 seconds, instead of 15.
  • Interplanetary travel enabled for shuttleports.
  • BARC Speeder is available (loot).

Medic / Doctor / Entertainer
  • Get buffed within a player city hospital will enhance the buff stats massively.
  • Enhanced entertainer buffs.

  • Artisans having "Wind Survey Tool" added to their starting gear.
  • Decreased time between sampling resources from 25 to 5 seconds.
  • Increased chance for resources to drop better quality.
  • Increased extraction rate (x5) on harvesters to help gather resources faster.
  • Decreased factory production times.
  • Resource crates increased from 100k to 999k storage.
  • Increased factory crates from 100 to 1000 storage.
  • Increased crafting effectiveness for tools and private stations.

  • Rare Items dropping rate enhanced.
  • Players are able to pick up 6 missions at once, instead of only 2.
  • Mission Terminal displays mob-type and combat level within mission title.
  • Increased drop rate for items at POIs and caves overall.
  • All droids on corvette dropping loot too.

City / Housing
  • Decreased the amount of citizens it takes to make a city.
  • Decreased maintenance rate and (if available) power rate (1/2) on harvesters, generators, factories and every kind of player building.
  • Added real windows to player buildings (naboo only for now).
  • Increased housing storage to 1000 items per lot, instead of 100.
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