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Its simple to start playing on SWGNebula. Just follow this guide and get connected!

Need an account? Just register yourself at this forum. The same account will be created in-game for you.

It is required to have a valid, legal copy of the original Star Wars Galaxies installed! You can get one at eBay or Amazon, for example.
The SWGNebula Launcher requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or newer to run. Please install that first, if not installed already.

If you have your original Star Wars Galaxies ready, lets download the SWGNebula Launcher to be able to connect to our server.

Download SWGNebula Launcher
Version: 1.1 (10.09.2017)

That's it!
Now simply extract everything into one folder, run the SWGNebula Launcher EXE and follow its instructions.
The .dll-file is necessary and has to stay in the same folder as the launcher .exe itself. Also, at first start, the launcher creates some .txt files for itself. Dont remove or move them away!
Easiest place to put the launcher is directly within your Star Wars Galaxies installation path, to have everything stored at one place, but thats totaly up to you.

It will create a new "SWGNebula" Folder within your Star Wars Galaxies root installation path and download our nebula client into it. After that, you will be able to "Start SWG" directly out of the nebula launcher. While starting the game via launcher, you will always recieve the latest updates from nebula.

By the way:
If you want to re-use your ingame UI settings, macros, etc. simply copy your "profiles" folder from the old SWGEmu directory into the new created "SWGNebula" folder. It contains your account and character settings.

A little hint:

To get connected with other players in-game, just join our global galaxy chat channel, while modifying a chat tab:


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